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NLP Jeffries, Ross Advanced Speed Seduction Seminar Note.doc  

DC 2000 Seminar Notes

Ross s Super Rule For Success: Whatever u can get a person 2 IMAGINE is perceived by that person as being their own thought, and there4 they do not resist. jeffries, ross advanced speed seduction seminar note.doc

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Speed Seduction Top Gunners Vs

Ross Jeffries 6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275 Culver, City CA 90230 2001 310 822-5771 email: sandworm mediaone. net Advanced Techniques.

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NLP Handout.pdf  

Notes: Handed out at the June 2000 Washington DC Advanced ...

Please note that all notes and handouts are Copyright 2000, Ross Jeffries Advanced Speed Seduction Seminar: 9, 10, 11 June2000 I. What the hell. handout.pdf

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advanced speed seduction 2.doc  

advanced speed seduction 2.doc

Physiology will control your internal representations There is a very thin line between Nlp and psychic ability the difference is with Nlp you can do it much. speed seduction 2.doc

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advanced speed seduction 4.doc  

advanced speed seduction 4.doc

Why do I want to know her rule Why would we want to know what has to be done to make her feel that way whatever value Know that naming. speed seduction 4.doc +1 alternative download link

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advanced speed seduction 5.doc  

advanced speed seduction 5.doc

I am learning so much about and I think this is so much fun, I’m curious, is there something you wanted to do, wanted to be when you were a little girl. speed seduction 5.doc +1 alternative download link

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advanced speed seduction 1.doc  

advanced speed seduction 1.doc

Learning to create and control your own state So that when you go into a situation, you have a state that is powerful and fun and you feel totally confident. speed seduction 1.doc +1 alternative download link

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advanced speed seduction 7.doc  

advanced speed seduction 7.doc

It’s to direct her mind downward You are going to direct her mind downward by saying I think the conscious mind goes down into the unconscious. speed seduction 7.doc +1 alternative download link

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advanced speed seduction 8.doc  

advanced speed seduction 8.doc

I think at sometime during the coming week Here’s the setup Let her mind fill the blank be vague You’ll. find yourself thinking about. speed seduction 8.doc +1 alternative download link

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