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AC Group A timetable weeks 1 3.doc  

Coursebook: FCE Gold Plus, with December 2008 exam specifications,

Plan for group A Lenka, Marie, Nikol, Ivana, Katka, Adela, Vojtech Coursebook: FCE Gold Plus, with December 2008 exam.

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FCE GOLD.doc  

FCE Gold Plus Coursebook with iTest CD-ROM gold.doc

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5757 Cypihot St. Laurent (QC) H4S 1R3 Tel (514) 334 2690

UK EXAMS FCE Gold Plus Coursebook, CD ROM 09780582776999 Spring 200837. 95 FCE Gold Plus Maximiser and CD and Key Pack9781405 Spring 200822. 95 FCE Gold Plus Maximiser.

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