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BY ROBERT MUCHAMORE The Henderson’s Boys series: 1. The Escape 2. Eagle Day 3. Secret Army 4. Grey Wolves coming 2011 The CHERUB series: 1. The Recruit. +1 alternative download link

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ecruit ͚dŚĞ ZĞĐƌƵŝƚ͛ by Robert Muchamore takes us on an imaginative and fascinating journey. The Recruit is an enthralling book to read. It͛s fast movi. +1 alternative download link

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Narrative By: Young Jun Kwon

A story or account of events, experiences, or the like whether it is true or fictitious. The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins Cherub The Recruit: Robert Muchamore.

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Cherub: The Recruit

By: Robert Muchamore I chose the book The Recruit from the series Cherub. I chose this book for my book project because I like action.

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Year 8 Recommended Reading List.pdf  

Year 8 Recommended Reading List

Wright LA Year8 Recommended ReadingList  Predator’sGold by Phi lip Reeve  The Recruit by Robert Muchamore  Cirque du Freak by DarrenShan As Good as Dead Downtown by Neil. 8 recommended reading list.pdf

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Cherub : The Recruit Robert Muchamore Reviewed by: Leo Takagi,15 Star Teen Book Reviewer of the Be The Star You Are! Charity www. bethestaryouare. org Cherub is a book.

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Author Study.doc - Wikispaces

Author: Robert Muchamore Present Books: 15 books Books I chose: Book 1 The Recruit Book 2 Class A Book 3 Maximum Security Blurbs. study.doc

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Student Favourites Recruit by Muchamore, Robert Cirque du Freak by Shan, Darren Class A by Muchamore, Robert Hush Hush by Fitzpatrick, Becca. +1 alternative download link

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